NSC Motorsports-SYNTIX unveils its weapons of choice for 2014

December 31, 2013

NSC Motorsports, the former Super Bike team of Thierry Verstraete (KTO Logistics) and based in Izegem, Belgium, surprised last weekend via the Facebook page of partner SYNTIX about the ambitious plans for the future.

At the beginning of 2013, NSC Motorsports switched from two-wheelers to motorsport. Thierry Verstraete used to be an avid sailor with numerous ocean tours and atlantic crossings on his logbook. Challenges and adventure are in the blood. With a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup from the former racing stable of Pieter Dubois, the team fought for the best possible classification in the BRCC. For Verstraete, from next season the first rider on a brand new Lamborghini Gallardo GT3, this was a completely new challenge in the motor sport, as team owner but also as ex Super Bike rider.

“Petrol flows through my veins, but four wheels feel just a bit safer than the two wheels under my Super Bike, hence the switch,” says the very driven West-Fleming who made rapid progress last season.

Pieter Dubois (SYNTIX Lubricants) sold early 2013 one of his Porsches to NSC Motorsport with the agreement to help the team at the start. This cooperation was extremely positive, there was a click and it soon became clear that both parties could strengthen each other. A beautiful joint venture, common business interests and a passion for motorsport are the ingredients for a successful further cooperation.

For 2014, the team is shifting up a gear and is making the step to the higher regions. The choice fell on a Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 from Reiter Engineering. Reiter is a constructor with whom the team quickly built up a trusted bond. The process surrounding the purchase of this Italian exotic went smoothly. The team has therefore chosen for a further close cooperation with Reiter during the coming season. The experienced Pieter Dubois will lead the team technically in cooperation with the mechanics of NSC, reinforced with the technical people and an engineer of Reiter.

Proverbially speaking, the roads will continue to cross each other. SYNTIX as sponsor and technical partner now also supplies Reiter with its high quality products for the Lamborghini’s, and also connected its partner Nick Catsburg to the team of Thierry Verstraete. In addition to his role as coach, Catsburg will most likely also strengthen the team as a driver, subject to his personal program or calendar.

NSC Motorsport will complete a varied program. Besides the BRCC, NSC will also appear at the start of the Supercar Challenge with last but not least a nod to the Spanish GT Open. In the coming period the Lamborghini will complete an extensive test program in Southern Europe.

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