Air Fresh

Professional odour remover

Contaminated air conditioning and heater/evaporator cores can lead to a build-up of unpleasant and unwanted odours. Syntix Air Fresh effectively refreshes your air conditioning and heater system, neutralising and removing bad smells entirely.


  • Neutralises and removes bad smells
  • Subtle lemon fragrance
  • Leaves no stains or marks


Start the engine and keep it running. Activate the air conditioning system at full power in recirculation mode. Prior to use, shake the product vigorously for approximately 15-30 seconds. Place the can inside the car and activate the aerosol by pressing the nozzle once. Close all doors and allow the product to diffuse for a few minutes. Once the product is fully evaporated, turn off the engine and open the doors for approximately 10 minutes to ensure proper ventilation.

Air Fresh - Professional Odor Remover - Syntix Innovative Lubricants