Oil Saver

Professional additive to reduce oil consumption

Syntix Oil Saver is an additive for engines exhibiting signs of wear. It is designed to effectively stabilise the viscosity of motor oils at high temperatures.


  • Reduces excessive oil consumption and exhaust smoke caused by oil consumption
  • Reduces engine noises
  • Improves engine reliability and performance by restoring compression
  • Restores oil pressure
  • Does not harm catalytic converters or Diesel Particulate Filters


  • Increases the viscosity index of lubricating oils
  • Strengthens the oil film at high temperatures
  • Prevents metal-to-metal contact under high load
  • Protects against corrosion, oxidation, rust and wear
  • Compatible with all mineral and synthetic oils


Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines of vehicles and stationary equipment exhibiting high oil consumption, low oil pressure, low compression and engine noise caused by wear. Particularly effective for older engines. This additive cannot correct mechanical malfunctions.


Run the engine until warm before adding the contents of one 300ml can of Syntix Oil Saver to every 3 to 5 litres of engine oil. Once added, It’s important to drive the car for at least 10 kilometres to ensure proper distribution throughout the oil system. For best results, use Syntix Oil Saver after each oil change.


300 ML CAN – REF. A1331300
12 X 300 ML PACK

325 ML CAN – REF. A0341325
24 X 325 ML PACK

Syntix Oil Saver - Oil Consumption Reducing Additive