Seal Pro

Innovative repair solution for oil leaks

Syntix Seal Pro is an additive that effectively seals oil leaks in engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems, while also improving the properties of the motor oil. Its advanced formula contains active synthetic components that are specifically designed to regenerate plastic and rubber seals.


  • Repairs and prevents leaks in elastomeric seals
  • Boosts engine lubrication performance
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Prevents blue, smoky exhaust fumes


  • Contains active synthetic components that regenerate plastic and rubber seals
  • Stops oil dripping from the engine or gearbox


Recommended for use in petrol and diesel engines, as well as gearboxes and hydraulic systems. Compatible with mineral, semi-synthetic and full synthetic oils (excluding brake fluids).


Syntix Seal Pro can be added to the oil at any time. It is recommended to use one 300ml can for every 3-6 litres of oil. After adding, run the engine until warm. The seal will be fully repaired after approximately 600-800 kilometres of driving. If the seal is damaged by external factors it will need to be replaced.


300 ML BOTTLE – REF. A1324300
12 X 300 ML PACK

Seal Pro - Professional Oil Leak Additive - Syntix Innovative Lubricants