Octane Boost

Professional octane booster

Syntix Octane Boost is a professional petrol additive designed to enhance and restore engine performance in racing conditions. This additive increases the octane level by up to 5 points and is developed to prevent engine knocking (detonation), rough idling, engine hesitation and spark plug fouling. As a result, this product will also improve fuel economy.


  • Increases the octane level by up to 5 points
  • Enhances fuel combustion and overall engine performance
  • Prevents mechanical damage caused by pinging


Syntix Octane Boost is suitable for use in all petrol engines. It is compatible with all types of petrol, including leaded and unleaded varieties, and will not cause harm to catalytic converters.


For best results, add Syntix Octane Boost to the fuel tank before refuelling. One 300ml bottle treats 40-60 litres of petrol effectively.


300 ML BOTTLE – REF. A1430300
12 X 300 ML PACK

Octane Boost - Octane Booster Additive - Syntix Innovative Lubricants