Radiator Flush

Powerful radiator cleaning solution

Syntix Radiator Flush is a powerful cleaning solution for the entire cooling system. This treatment effectively removes sludge, rust, scale and other deposits. As a result, Radiator Flush enhances the heat transfer from the engine to the cooling system, ensuring efficient cooling.


  • Effectively removes sludge, rust, scale and other deposits
  • Eliminates oil contamination
  • Enhances engine cooling and performance


Syntix Radiator Flush is suitable for all types of engines with water-cooled systems. It can be used for aluminium, plastic and steel radiators in cooling systems of petrol, diesel and LPG engines.


  1. Set the heater control to HOT and open the system to allow drainage.
  2. Once drained, close the system and add the appropriate amount of Radiator Flush to the radiator or cooling system. The recommended amount of Syntix Radiator flush is 400 ml for every 10 litres of coolant.
  3. Refill the system with water.
  4. Start the engine and let it idle for 20 minutes to allow the product to circulate through the cooling system in order to remove sludge, rust, scale and other deposits.
  5. Drain and rinse the system thoroughly.
  6. Refill the system with new coolant liquid.

400 ML BOTTLE – REF. A1461400
12 X 400 ML PACK

Radiator Flush - Professional Radiator Cleaner Additive - Syntix Innovative Lubricants