Professional cleaning device for automatic transmissions

PROFLUSH AT offers an advanced and efficient way to flush, clean and refill automatic transmissions. By connecting the device to the gearbox with hoses, it creates a shared oil circuit that allows the oil to circulate through both the transmission and the device, flushing out the old oil and contaminants. A powerful cleaning additive (Transmission Flush) ensures a thorough cleaning process for optimal performance.


  • Supplies the entire system with new ATF
  • Prevents mixing of new and old ATF
  • Effectively cleans the entire oil circuit in the automatic transmission system, including the oil cooler, torque converter, shifting mechanism valves and oil hoses
  • Replacing ATF eliminates excessive slipping, reducing heat generation in the transmission, resulting in smoother shifting and improved fuel efficiency


  • Includes a set of frequently used adapters
  • Includes a tablet equipped with clear instructions on proper connection, adapter selection and recommended oil quantity
  • Features an up-to-date database
  • Prevents oil wastage during the flushing process
  • Custom fit designed specifically for our 20L oil drums
  • Features separate holders for the cleaning additive and performance additive
  • Efficient, easy to use and environmentally friendly