Synthetic racing motor oil

Syntix M RACING is a full synthetic engine oil for competition use. It is formulated using a high-quality synthetic base oil with high viscosity and an innovative blend of additives. Due to its expanded viscosity range, Syntix M RACING provides the highest possible level of protection even in the most demanding conditions at continuous maximum engine load and high RPM.

M RACING is a high-end product, developed with the Syntix DNA in mind.


Syntix M RACING is designed for competition use and suitable for day-to-day road use. It increases the engine power output while also reducing fuel consumption.


  • 10W60
    • ACEA C3 – API SN/CF – BMW M-engines/LL-01 – PORSCHE A 40
  • 5W50
    • ACEA A3/B4 – API SN/CF – BMW LONGLIFE-01 – PORSCHE A40 – MB 229.3 – VW 500 00 – VW 505 00


  • 1L BOTTLE – REF. O0020001
  • 4L BOTTLE – REF. O0013004
  • 5L BOTTLE – REF. O0082005
  • 20L, 60L, 200L


  • 1L BOTTLE – REF. O0203001
  • 4L BOTTLE – REF. O0210004
  • 5L BOTTLE – REF. O0440005
  • 20L, 60L, 200L

Syntix M Racing Oil