Synthethic ceramic motor oil

Syntix PURAMIC is a highly performant full synthetic engine oil. This oil outperforms largely all traditional engine oil because of its unique formula. The combination of a high performance synthetic based ester oil and the high tech ceramic additives create unbeatable properties.

The Nano technology of the ceramic particles makes this a very powerful solid lubricant which is dispersed in a Polarized synthetic Multi ester base oil. Together an extreme resistant and protective film is created which substantially reduces friction and wear. Even when the engine is not running this “film” remains on the engine parts and ensures protection during cold starting.


PURAMIC is specially designed for modern, technically advanced, petrol and diesel engine cars for daily use or racing conditions.

The oil is also suited for older engines, such as pre 1990 models.


  • 5W30
    • ACEA C3, A3/B4 – API SN/CF
  • 5W40
    • ACEA C3, A3/B4 – API SN/CF


1L bottle

Puramic - Synthetic Ceramic Motor Oil - 1L Bottle