Change your car’s oil the smart way

December 18, 2017

In order to change your car’s oil, you probably think it’s as simple as removing the old oil and replacing it with new oil. As soon as the new oil begins to flow it will become contaminated with the sludge present in the previous oil.

Although in theory it’s that easy, think about what happened in your oil system.

Replacing oil without prior cleaning

Let’s consider a potential situation. You changed your oil 10,000km ago, using a regular 10W40 semi synthetic oil, just before a very hot summer.

During this time, the mineral-based portion of the oil has started to break down, producing small organic deposits and sludge. On top of this, the smoke of other cars in the city or humidity could have entered the oil circuit.

If you empty the used oil and replace it directly with the new one, as soon as the new oil begins to flow it will become contaminated with the soot, deposits and sludge already present in the oil circuit.

Engine Flush

To prevent this contamination there is a fast and simple solution: Engine Flush.

Using Engine Flush before replacing the oil ensures the removal of sludge, gum and other contaminants like carbon deposits and soot.

A cleaner oil will result in proper lubrication and therefore less friction, squeezing out that extra bit of horsepower.

Only synthetic, only Syntix

To get the most out of Engine Flush, remember to use our MAX PSFD and EVO PSFD 100% fully synthetic oils. They experience almost no degradation and have a much better resistance to extreme conditions.

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