Fresh start with a Radiator Flush

November 28, 2017

Refresh your knowledge of the cooling system and discover why a good radiator flush is so necessary.

As we saw in previous articles, the performance of pistons is one of the key aspects to squeeze extra performance out of your car’s engine.

How can I keep pistons and cylinders well maintained?

One of the most important way of protecting your engine is to ensure that its temperature does not get too high.

There are two fluids that are responsible for achieving this – oil and coolant.

Oil is used for regulating the temperature and reducing the friction. It is pumped directly to the piston inside the cylinder, which helps to avoid metal-on-metal contact.

The second fluid, the coolant, is distributed around the engine through a water jacket, as follows:

Coolant Circuit Inside an Engine

Its circulation outside the engine is more complex, because the job of the coolant is exclusively to cool down the temperature. See image below:

Car Radiator Fan Cooling Coolant for Better Engine Performance

With the help of a fan and other mechanisms such as a thermostat, pressure cap and expansion tank, the fluid stays at the optimal temperature.

When should I flush my coolant?

In order to maintain the performance of your coolant, you should replace it approximately every 24 months or 40.000km.

After this amount of time (or km), the fluid loses its qualities due to constant use and external factors like humidity or extreme weather.

An old coolant may cause rust and mineral deposits to build up in the system and could even carry some contaminants.

That’s why we recommend rolling out the red carpet to your new coolant by first using our Radiator Flush to give the system a complete and thorough cleanse.

Radiator Flush directly attacks all rust and mineral deposits caused by old coolants. This increases the effectiveness of the new coolant and avoids the tedious work of flushing your radiator several times.

The best coolant ever!

After treating your radiator, we strongly recommend Syntix Plus ILT Coolant.

The G12++ and ethylene-glycol base not only guarantees an excellent heat transfer, but also a product for a lifetime. That’s right, no need to flush again.

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