Joint-Label: Cortenraad Cars

December 23, 2014

Bosch Car Service Cortenraad Auto’s together with Syntix Innovative Lubricants introduces an exclusively developed line of fully synthetic engine oils. This new line meets the highest requirements for gasoline and diesel engines.

“In cooperation with the renowned oil producer Syntix, we developed our own line of engine oils. The combination of high quality synthetic base oil and optimised additives results in an exceptionally high viscosity index that offers a lot of extra protection. Daniel Maar van Cortenraad Auto’s explains.

“The oil has a very high thermal stability, which means it still lubricates well even under heavy loads (e.g. a full trailer or heavy caravan). In addition, the oil has excellent fluidity, which means that at low, winter temperatures or when you start your car, there is still perfect lubrication.

Daniel But is convinced of the extremely high quality of the new engine oil.
“Engine oil is vital for your car. The better quality oils protect your car better and promote performance. But no matter how good the quality, oil needs to be changed regularly. By changing your engine oil regularly you prevent engine problems. If you choose the latest generation engine oil from Cortenraad and Syntix, you will also get the best out of your car. That is good for the environment and for your wallet.

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Syntix Innovative Lubricant - Cortenraad Joint-Label Bottle

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