K-M-P LS Gear Oil

May 13, 2014

Together with K-M-P Motorsport Products, drivetrain specialist for racecars, SYNTIX Innovative Lubricants developed advanced LS Gear Oils for high-end motorsport applications.

With over 10 years of expertise in drivetrain engineering, K-M-P is able to make the best choices for your drivetrain needs. The company develops their own drivetrain components, such as paddleshift systems, gears and gearkits, and delivers these with the utmost quality.

Transmission Reference Picture - K-M-P LS Gear Oil - Syntix Innovative Lubricants

K-M-P Motorsport Products also has its own gearbox and differential rebuild department. Their clients include a very impressive list of top-end motorsport names. K-M-P is specialized in Hewland, Drenth, Sadev, Hollinger, Ricardo and many more. With a combination of knowledge, practical experience and customer’s feedback they design and develop custom high-end drivetrain components.

K-M-P LS Gear Oil - Joint Label - Motorsport products - Syntix Innovative Lubricants

Together with SYNTIX Innovative Lubricants their service has expanded even further by developing full synthetic high performance low friction gear and limited slip differential oil. The oil is a combination of a high quality synthetic base oil and innovative additives, resulting into a high performance level and an extreme load-carrying capacity in all conditions. This makes the SYNTIX/K-M-P Gear Oil perfectly suited for a wide range of gears and hypoid gears with LS in competition and road use cars. Its characteristics ensure maximum protection at extreme high loads and this contribute to a longer life span of the running components.

The product is once more a clear example of the service SYNTIX Innovative Lubricants offers. The development of such a product in corporation with renowned motorsport companies are projects the company welcomes with open arms to reach the highest level of quality and performance possible. After all, SYNTIX’s motto has and will always be; only the best will do.

The high-end SYNTIX/K-M-P LS Gear Oil is exclusively available at K-M-P Motorsport Products.

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