NSC Motorsports shines in Blancpain Sprint Series

October 23, 2014

In a previous announcement we wrote that the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 was stable until the 2015 season because NSC Motorsports team owner Thierry Verstraete and coach Nick Catsburg wanted to concentrate on his further learning process through private tests in his own Formula Renault 2.0. A few weeks later, NSC Motorsports announces that the Syntix Lamborghini will kick off the Blancpain Sprint Series during the Belgian Masters at Circuit Zolder with the Dutch dream team Nick Catsburg – Peter Cox…

“Given the good relationship between NSC Motorsports and Syntix with Pieter Dubois and Reiter Engineering and the fact that the Belgian Masters is one of the most important appointments within the Belgian motorsport season, I have decided to register our Lamborghini. This decision is the result of the positive cooperation between Reiter Engineering and Syntix, since Syntix is official supplier for all oils for both the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 FLII and the Camaro GT3 ” says all team owner Thierry Verstraete. “It was for us also a perfect seasonal closure and so I could experience how my Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 would be driven by two top riders within a field of top cars and ditto teams. Hans Reiter has included NSC Motorsports as always in his team and has provided a perfect service.

NSC Motorsport Celebrating Blancpain Sprint Series with their BMW 10W60 MoS2 powered

“I’m quite proud that we were able to achieve such a result with a modest Belgian team. A fourth time in the decisive qualifying session and second place in the qualifying session and first Lamborghini was already a bull’s eye. Reiter even achieved the second fastest pitstop of all teams. This resulted in a second starting place during the Main Race next to the WRT Audi of Vanthoor and Ramos. Peter Cox took over the entire bunch after the start and was able to maintain this position until the mandatory pit stop”.

NSC Motorsport - Belgian Masters Blancpaint Sprint Series - Lamborghini Gallardo GT3

And then fate struck. The pneumatic jack at the back refused to work and so the mechanic couldn’t mount fresh rubber. The task was a fact and the pilots Cox and Catsburg, the team around Reiter Engineering and NSC-teame owner Thierry Verstraete remained frustrated.

NSC Motorsport - Belgian Masters Blancpaint Sprint Series - Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 back

“Afterwards it turned out that a line of the pneumatic jack rushed against a wheel and had a leak”, according to Thierry Verstraete. “We could have won this race and then NSC Motorsport became the revelation of the weekend. On the one hand very unfortunate, but on the other hand I am very happy with what we have shown. Both pilots gave the best of themselves for an entire weekend, as did Reiter Engineering. This is also part of motorsport. We did score well in publicity at our home race and despite the disappointment I drove home with a good feeling. We had come for a podium place and with a second place and a loss of leading position we proved that our international debut did not go unnoticed,” concludes the West-Flemish businessman.

Press release: NSC Motorsports

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