Radiator Refix

Professional leak stop additive

Radiator Refix is a hi-tech product designed to provide Triple-Action servicing of the engine cooling system:

  1. Repairing small leaks.
  2. Lubricating the water pump.
  3. Keeping the system clean and protected.


  • Effectively repairs small leaks in the cooling system, eliminates the risks of coolant insufficiency in the system
  • Easy to use, without disassembly of any parts
  • Improves reliability of the cooling system
  • Avoid clogging of radiator conduits and temperature sensors


  • Compatible with all antifreezes and coolants, also with OAT coolants (Organic Acid Technology)
  • Resists to high temperatures, vibrations and pressure
  • Safe for rubber hoses, gaskets or other system components
  • Prevents build-up of calcium deposits
  • Protects cooling systems against corrosion and oxidation
  • Improves the functioning of the water pump by lubricating it


Recommended for water cooled systems of all petrol and diesel engines.

Preventive and problem solving application.


  • Warm up the engine with heater control in HOT position
  • Shake bottle well and add content to the cooling system via the expansion tank or directly into the radiator
  • Top up the system with coolant if required
  • Run engine for 5 minutes to circulate and seal leaks
  • One can of 400 ml is sufficient for the cooling system of an average car. For different engines, add 400 ml per 10-12L of coolant
  • It’s recommended to clean the cooling system with Radiator Pro Flush Radiator cleaner and refill with new coolant before treatment with Radiator Refix.

ATTENTION: Do not open the cooling system while the engine is hot.

Radiator Refix - Professional Leak Stop Additive - Syntix Innovative Lubricants