The maintenance your diesel engine deserves

February 21, 2018

If you want to keep your car clean, you often just wash the body and wheels, polish the headlamps or maybe even wipe the engine bay. But what about the interior of the engine?

Diesel car maintenance tips: TOWBIFE vol.2

As we saw in our TOWBIFE article, a simple mnemonic can take care of all your car’s needs.

  • Tyres: A diesel car is heavier than a gasoline car, so therefore needs better tires too.
  • Oil: For the best, check out the MAX PSFD and EVO PSFD
  • Windows: Keep them clean with Glass Clean Pro.
  • Brakes: As with tyres, a heavier car means using better brakes to manage that load.
  • Interior: Nothing better than Air Fresh to give the final touch to your interior.
  • Fluids: It’s not only the engine oil that must be checked, but also the transmission oil, coolant and the break system fluid. For a G12 maintenance-free coolant always use our Plus ILT.
  • Engine: A comprehensive maintenance cleaning of your car’s injectors, EGR, turbo…

For this last point, there is no simple solution that comes to mind and that’s why we have created the Diesel Multi Treat.

With this product, you can clean the whole fuel system while protecting the injectors from future harmful deposits or debris that are created in the engine system.

This may seem like a secondary concern but when injectors or maintenance are mentioned, diesel users shiver and instantly worry about the cost. Which leads us to our next question.

Why are diesel cars more expensive to maintain?

To answer this question first we need to understand the differences between gasoline  and diesel engines.

The main difference is how the fuel is ignited. Simply put, in petrol engines the fuel is mixed with air before compression and ignition but in diesel engines the air is compressed before the fuel is injected, being ignited by compression. This process is also helped by the glow plugs at the start of the system.

Because of this need for higher compression, auxiliary or related parts like the pump, distribution or transmission need to be more resistant and durable too.

On top of that, the diesel itself presents problems due to its lower purity, which is reflected in more expensive filters or the inclusion of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). In other words, more parts to add to the car.

So in general, diesel engines are heavier, more expensive and more durable than their gasoline counterpart.

Only synthetic, only Syntix

 To get the most out of your car, use one of our MAX PSFD and EVO PSFD 100% fully synthetic oils. They experience very little degradation and have a better resistance to extreme conditions, from frozen climates to demanding race circuits.

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