Unique namesponsor of “YOUR DREAMCAR”: Syntix Lubricants!

November 27, 2013

Pieter Dubois, exCEO of Syntix:

“Several months ago I was approached by Remy Bordewin, one of the organizers of the “je Droomauto” (your Dreamcar) project. Full of enthusiasm Remy told me about their plans, reflecting the experience of these children and it touched a sensitive nerve in me.”

“Your Dreamcar was looking for a enthusiastic name sponsor to support their initiative. I didn’t need to think it over long, not just as entrepreneur, but more as a father of two healthy children: this is a perfect chance to show our appreciation towards a special story. Internal policies and terms such as conversion, leads and budget were set aside: everyone in our team has agreed enthusiastically to help in giving these children an unforgettable day together with all the volunteers, organizations and supporting partners!”

“Remy, Frans, Paul and André, excellent, excellent and once again excellent! ” from a caring heart and very proud Syntix Lubricants.

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