March 21, 2014

VOTEX BISON has also opted for the unique “SYNTIX private label” concept. High-quality Syntix products, both designed on-demand or selected from the standard Syntix product range are delivered with a personal identity. Your customer is our concern!

VOTEX BISON has been successfully building means of transport for special and/or very heavy applications for decades. From 4-way side chargers to electric pallet trucks and special vehicles. The solution is always tailor-made.

Votex Bison PRO IND - Advanced High Quality Hydraulic Oil - HIHV 46 - Syntix Innovative Lubricants

Saving space is important. That is why VOTEX BISON’s 4-way side loaders are modelling the shape of more and more warehouses and companies. They move loads of up to 20 tonnes with a minimum of space. Both on slippery floors and over uneven outdoor areas. VOTEX-BISON’s extra strong pallet trucks, specials and lift trucks also prove their strength with capacities up to 40 tons.

No situation is so special that VOTEX BISON doesn’t have a suitable solution for it.

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